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Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling

A process of healing and allowing your Inner Guidance to lead you to the Peace you seek, sponsored by Pathways of Light.

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Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling


The training for this one-on-one spiritual counseling process helps a person look at a perceived problem, apprehension, distress, or painful feeling, and take it to Inner Wisdom (the Holy Spirit) for a new perspective. The purpose of the spiritual counseling is to help us change our minds about how we see or experience the world, and to receive the vision of our true Self. Thus, we do not try to change the "outside" world, but rather, we recognize that what we focus on in the world is giving us a clue to the unconscious guilt hiding within our mind. As we are guided to let go of our projections, we get in touch with our innate innocence.

There are two stages to this process. First, we need to recognize the thought cluster (or confused thinking) that is the basis for the problem. This thought cluster may manifest in many forms: We may feel we are the victim of attack from others; we may feel a lack of love or self-worth; we may feel unfulfilled in a relationship or job; we may feel angry or defensive; we may feel guilty or depressed, or we may feel sick and tired.

Once we have recognized the confused thought cluster, we must be willing to take these thoughts to the Light within, our true Self. As we are ready and willing, we will be helped to see a new way of thinking. Gradually, our true Self will help us make the transition in our mind from thinking we are isolated and alone, to recognizing our unity and oneness with our Source — our true Self

If you would like to experience the process of Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling, with a one-on-one session with Joe Wolfe* either in person or by telephone, please call (708)-985-1754

Revered Joe Wolfe is a certified Ordained Minister with Pathways of Light, a worldwide network of Course facilitators and ministers. He is a writer, author and teacher of A Course in Miracles, with almost eleven years experience.

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