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Postage for Prisoners

Delivering A Course in Miracles to Prisoners
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You can be a part of changing the lives of brothers and sisters, who by one choice or another, have found themselves in the 'hell' within the 'hell'...prison. The Course in Miracles teaches that "prison" is a metaphor, a depiction of the prison of our minds.

Spirit Light Outreach has been sending the Course to prisoners for almost eight years now. For many prisoners, it has succeeded to bring a glimpse of hope where apathy and despair make their home. It has given them a glimpse of the possibility to arm themselves with a new direction.

Long forgotten by family and friends, prisoners are left alone, to grieve in their 'damaged-beyond-repair' modes and have no idea (except through our help) that they are loved and they are worthy and they are an aspect of each and everyone one of us.

This on-going effort requires books, packaging and postage. You can help by donating whatever you wish. Thank you for caring. Love, Light and the Peace of God.


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