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Anyone can call me to request a book for a specific prisoner, or pay for an upcoming event, or make a donation to Spirit Light Outreach using a debit or credit card. Call me at 708-985-1754.

Or if you prefer, drop me a line at PO Box 443, Enola PA 17025-0443

Accessing Inner Wisdom

Every answer to every question is readily available to you. All knowledge is closer than your breath. It is your birthright; your inheritance. Accessing that key to opening the door to providing all solutions to every single question, problem or concern requires preparation. One needs to clear a space, not unlike tilling the soil for new plants to grow.

You can be guided through that process. There are facilitated sessions on exactly how to access Inner Wisdom. One-on-one and group training sessions.
But first I'd like to send you a free book on the 'mechanics' of accessing Inner Wisdom and guidance. Take your time with it. Here's the link:



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