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Four Books that will help anyone to escape from the prison of their minds


A Mystic's Message: 30 page text of the talk shared all over the country by Joe Wolfe. Available on >

In Warm Blood, the autobiography of Joe Wolfe

The End of Reincarnation with The Five Signs, by Joe Wolfe with contributions by Gary R. Renard and Carrie Triffet. Reviewed as one of the best introductions to A Course in Miracles.

Letter To A Prisoner by Joe Wolfe, includes all 365 daily lessons from the workbook in A Course in Miracles.

The author, Joe Wolfe, hosts a ministry called Spirit Light Outreach, a non-profit charitable organization, registered in the state of Illinois, USA  who for the past ten years has continued to deliver inspirational books to prisoners. Caring individuals can help by purchasing these books or send a donation in any amount to help with postage, packing supplies and other needed essentials. Thank you for caring!

Spirit Light Outreach, PO Box 443, Enola PA 17025-0443

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