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In Warm Blood

New book release (Dec. 11th, 2013)

In Warm Blood    by Joe Wolfe, an autobiography

An in depth account of the life of an ex-prisoner and one time ruthless career criminal, the time spent in prison, escape attempts, years in solitary confinement and the Five Powerful Mystical experiences that changed him forever.

With reviews by Gary Renard (author of The Disappearance of the Universe) and Carrie Triffet (author of Long Time No See) and comments by Reverend Jo Williams, Robyn Busfield, Tom Whitmore, Maureen Muldoon, and Lorri Coburn

The sale of this new release as with his two other books, Letter To A Prisoner and The End of Reincarnation with The Five Signs, serve to support an ongoing effort to keep delivering genuine inspirational books to prisoners and the needy.

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