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 Spirit Light Outreach delivers inspirational books to prisoners, and the needy. Anyone can help. If guided to help with the purchases of books, much needed packing supplies and postage please look to the right of this page to make a donation in any amount. Your help is deeply appreciated!

Our mailing address is listed below. Thank you for caring!

Receive a signed, complimentary copy of Prayer For All Solutions when making a donation in any amount to Spirit Light Outreach. 

 Your donation in any amount helps to pay for books, packing supplies, postage and other needs. Please help. Send your donation by clicking on the link to the right or sending your gift to the address listed below. Thank you for caring.  "For that which you do for the least of mine you do for me." Love, Light and The Peace of God!

Spirit Light Outreach
 c/o Pathways of Light

6 Oak Court, Ormond Beach Florida 32174

(708) 985-1754

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Letter from Anastazia,

Course in Miracles Student, In prison for the past twelve years:
Dear Joe Wolfe,
I write in Infinite Love & Gratitude for your gift of your book, The End of Reincarnation with The Five Signs. I thoroughly enjoyed your writting style-down to earth conversational tone.
I MUST share a story with you.
I have been incarcerated [for] over 12 years for a crime that took the life of the man who abused me and my child. The horrors I once endured and of my crime are beyond measures and I choose to no longer focus on the negative.....
I am pending release via "change of commitment modification." Please keep me in your prayers for the Highest Good...
So much of this 12 year journey has brought me to FULL CIRCLE in every sence and in more ways than I can adequately recount. This brings me to YOUR work.
I spent almost 2 years in the County Jail pending my trial. I was 'strung out' on phych meds via the systems' [way of] incapacitating me. Legal chemical restraint. It was a bleak and horrific time, yet (also) the beginning of my transformation. A Jailhouse minister named Jeanie Wentzel came to visit me frequently. She kept referring to A Course in Miracles and how it had changed her life.
Early on in my jail stay, I asked my family to send me a copy [of A Course in Miracles] which they did, and I began to study it. Three months into my time my sickness worsened and I was deemed 'incompetant to stand trial and shipped off to a state phych hospital for several months. This is where I was origianally prescribed a boat load of meds and eventually incapacitated by them.
I remember the impact A Course in Miracles had on me...yet I feel that, at that time, it filed itself away in the archives of my subconscious. The next two years were ugly for me and coming to prison with an ungodly sentence, I resolved to take my [own] life, once and for all. [I was determinded to kill myself.]
But God had other plans for me. She always does...smiling...On the day and hour that I had planned to follow through with my plan [to kill myself] I distinctly heard The Voice and had a vision that showed me ALL that WAS, IS and EVER WILL BE....
Although this was not the first spiritual experience or encounter in my life, (I have had many-much like many things you describe in your book since I was a child) - I would love to share them with you in time if you like. This was the one that truly opened my eyes and changed my life. EVERYTHING A COURSE IN MIRACLES said...became CLEAR to me. I vowed to re-create myself and my life.
 I began practicing the principals and studying....I went back to school (prisoner coorispondence school) and earned my BA in phychology. I "healed" myself...mind, body and soul...and within the next year or two others took notice of my changes. More people than I can count came to me, morning, noon and night, for help and guidance. I began to 'see' others shifting and changing for the better through what I was able to share.
What I do today amazes me! It is far too much to write in a mere letter. Synchnicity is a daily occurance. Spirit speaks to me always and through everyone and everything!
I have learned to listen and follow...and nothing but Miracles have resulted! I asked Spirit to guide me and asked "what I now need?" - My eyes instantly fell [on the pages of your newsletter] the title of your book. Not knowing anything about you or of your work, I wrote to request it. The first coincidence is the fact that your [address] is a mere couple of blocks from an apartment [where I lived.] So imagine my surprise to receive your book and read it, only to find out that much of what you say is based on A Course in Miracles...which was the original book I read and studied!...I have read it daily ever since, knowing why I was directed to them...FULL CIRCLE.....
I have only scratched the surface with you and on what I could share of my experiences and future intentions. I hope that you will remain in contact with me and perhaps some day soon, we will meet and work together in some fashion.
Thank you Joe for sharing your self and your work. You are not alone in your quest. I hope that this begins a friendship and future work endevours to continue spreading the message of Love and helping others in need. Blessed Be.
Anastazia Schmid #122585, 2596 Girls School Road, B6, Indianapolis, IN. 46214
Help to continue the effort of Spirit Light Outreach. Click on the donate button above, or write to us at the address listed. Call-in donations are also gratefully accepted. 708-985-1754, Thank you!


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